Virtual Reality


An interactive tragedy made for Virtual Reality where players have to row their way across an epic version of the river Styx on an old rowboat. Along the way players will have to overcome a number of obstacles, puzzles, monsters and challenges

All about the experience

Journey for Elysium will immerse players in a fictional setting that takes inspiration from Greek and Roman mythology. The player takes on the role of an unnamed warrior who has died on the battlefield and now finds him/herself on a boat in Penumbra hovering somewhere between life and death. The player must use all his/her wit and skills to overcome a series of increasingly elaborate twists and challenges to reach Elysium and obtain redemption. Journey For Elysium will be released for SteamVR, and is being developed from the ground up for high-end motion-tracked VR devices, supporting both room-scale and standing play-modes. HTC Vive and Oculus VR are the primary platforms we’re targeting, but more VR platforms will follow.